For a health and lifestyle coach in Surrey and London who listens closely and responds to your authentic health and life dreams, get in touch with Glow Health. I am a certified by the MindBodyFood Institute as a Health and Nutrition Coach, who develops bespoke coaching programmes designed to promote a healthy lifestyle through taking a holistic approach to your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

You may be struggling with a particular aspect of your life, have a specific health need or concern, or generally want to improve your nutrition and mood. Through our initial phone call or Zoom session, we will have an honest discussion about your goals ahead of collaborating on a health and nutrition plan tailored to your precise needs. Through engaging in open dialogue and demonstrating a genuine desire for healing and development, you will be amazed at the progress that can be made.

I am a health and lifestyle coach in Surrey and London whose main aim is to help people get their glow back, so if you want to make real changes in your life, don’t hesitate to call Glow Health and arrange your first coaching session today.






Lifestyle Coaching

The purpose of my health and lifestyle coaching in Surrey and London is to collaborate with you to develop a bespoke coaching plan that allows you to reach your full potential through a healthy positive lifestyle and embracing a wholefood Mediterranean style of eating. We will normally work together for a minimum of 12 weeks. Each week, we will connect for an hour to ensure that you are progressing towards and achieving the health and lifestyle goals that you set out in our first session. Your goals will often evolve as we go along, so our sessions will dovetail with your development.

With my support, encouragement and accountability, we will together bring you to your very best self. During your bespoke coaching programme, we will work together to release habits that are no longer serving you, develop new sustainable positive lifestyle changes, and define your authentic hopes and dreams. We will plan your journey of achievement, breaking down every step into small manageable weekly and daily goals so that you never feel overwhelmed and always feel like you are progressing.

 Health and Lifestyle Coach


 Health and Lifestyle Coach

Health and Nutrition Advice

I am a health and lifestyle coach in Surrey and London who believes that embracing a wholefood, nutritious style of eating is life-changing for many people. It is said that food is medicine and I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. Many ailments, digestive issues, physical and emotional health issues can be vastly improved by changing to a wholefood Mediterranean style of eating alongside an exercise plan that works for you and your body. During our coaching sessions, we will establish your current state of health and how eating habits could be contributing to your discomfort.

We will also work together on mindful eating and breaking the guilty cycle of emotional eating for good. Our focus will be to remove processed food from your life, to discover and implement a sustainable, enjoyable exercise plan, improve your vitality and energy levels through nutritious, delicious food, improve your self-body image, and encourage a more positive, less critical relationship with food. Even if you consume sugary or fatty products, feeling negative about it only creates a bad feeling, which in turn reinforces a tendency towards comfort-eating. We will work together to break that cycle and encourage a more positive attitude towards food and, by extension, a healthy and positive lifestyle.

I will help you with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, what to choose when eating out along with encouraging you on your journey to find an exercise that you love.

For local clients, I also offer VIP days which include clearing out food cupboards, visiting local farm shops, meal planning, shopping lists and cookery classes.


Yoga Therapy

As a qualified and experienced yoga therapist, I can incorporate yoga therapy into our coaching sessions for any clients who want to learn powerful breathing techniques and yoga sets which work on specific ailments you may be experiencing such as insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, stress/burn out, ADHD, arthritis and many more conditions.





Health and Lifestyle Coach

Danielle instantly made me feel at ease...

I had online coaching with Danielle, she instantly made me feel at ease. She listened to me and offered a different perspective for me to think about, which allowed me to take myself out of my head and emotions and face my challenges head on. Danielle helped me put steps in place to finish my course and set up my business: she helped me overcome the fear that was making me procrastinate. Thank you Danielle for offering me support, guidance and helping me believe in myself. Jessica Joan   |   06/04/2020  |   London






Are you in need of a health and lifestyle coach in Surrey and London who specialises in encouraging a healthy and positive lifestyle? If so, get in contact with Glow Health for a compassionate, bespoke service.


 Health and Lifestyle Coach